The Short Term Courses have been designed to cater to individual requirement, the student can according to his requirement choose from among the below mentioned courses singly or in a combination. The curriculum has been specially designed as per the industry requirement that has further been supported by the SSI exposure to the industry for such a long period. The courses give the students an initial exposure to programming and the experienced to further sharpen & apply the acquired skills as per industry requirements and standards.
C Language
– Introduction to C Language
– Operators (Binary, Unary, Logical, and Arthimetic)
– Input/Output Functions
– Decision Control Structures
– Looping Control Structures
– Arrays (One and Two Dimensional)
– Pointers
– Preprocessor Directives
– Introduction to Recursion, Functions
– Structures and Unions
– Pointers to Structures
– File Handling
– Project
– Introduction to C++
– Arrays, Pointers, and Functions
– Classes and Objects
– Inheritance
– Polymorphism
– Dynamic Polymorphism
– File Handling
– Project
Data Structures
– Arrays (One and Multi Dimensional)
– Pointers to Arrays
– Structures & Pointers to Structures
– Dynamic Allocation
– Linked List (Single, Doubly & Circular)
– Stack (Array & Linked List Implementation)
– Application of Stacks
– Queues (Array & Linked List Implementation)
– Application of Stacks
– Trees (Binary, Binary Search & AVL Trees)
– Application of Trees
– Graphs (Directed, Indirected)
– Searching & Sorting
– Project
Sun offers five Java technology certification paths that can help build your career with industry-recognized credentials, increase your responsibilities and distinguish yourself from your peers. Becoming trained and certified in Java technology provides hard evidance that you have the technical skills, professional dedication and motivation that employers value and for which they are willing to pay a premium because Sun created Java technology, they best understand the skills individuals need to make the most of it.
– Migrating from C/C++ to Java
– Data Types, Variables and Arrays
– Operators, Control Statements
– Object and Classes
– Methods and Classes
– Interface and Access Specifiers
– Inheritance
– Packages and Interfaces
– Exception Handling
– Multithreading Programing
– Autoboxing, Annotations, Generices
– I/O, Applets and other topics
– Swings
– String Handling
– Exploring Java.lang
– Java.util Part 1 Collections Framework
– Java.util Part 2: More utility classes – Input/Output: Exploring Java I/O
– Networking
– Java Database Connectivity
– The Applet Classes, Event Handling
– Introduction AWT, Working with Windows, Graphics and Text
– Using AWT controls, Layout Managers
– New I/O Regular Expressions
– Others Packages
– Project Work
– Servlets as an improved CGI
– Servlet fundamentals/API
– Generic and HTTP Servlet
– Passing Parameters to servlet
– Responding to HTTP
– Interacting with the internet
– Working with forms
– Different Redirection Techniques
– Filter, Servlets, Event Listener
– Event Listeners
– State Management Techniques
– Comparision with Servlets
– JSP Statements
– Changing JSP default base class
– Inbuilt objects
– Filters, Listeners
– Passing parameters to JSP
– Handling concurrency issues
– Implementing Three Tier Architecture
– JSP Directives Page, include and Taglib
– JSP Action Tags
– JSP Expression Language
– Handling Website performance issues
– J2EE overview
– J2EE Architecture and Design Pattern


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