The Short Term Courses have been designed to cater to individual requirement, the student can according to his requirement choose from among the below mentioned courses singly or in a combination. The curriculum has been specially designed as per the industry requirement that has further been supported by the SSI exposure to the industry for such a long period. The courses give the students an initial exposure to programming and the experienced to further sharpen & apply the acquired skills as per industry requirements and standards.
C Language
– Introduction to C Language
– Operators (Binary, Unary, Logical, and Arthimetic)
– Input/Output Functions
– Decision Control Structures
– Looping Control Structures
– Arrays (One and Two Dimensional)
– Pointers
– Preprocessor Directives
– Introduction to Recursion, Functions
– Structures and Unions
– Pointers to Structures
– File Handling
– Project
– Introduction to C++
– Arrays, Pointers, and Functions
– Classes and Objects
– Inheritance
– Polymorphism
– Dynamic Polymorphism
– File Handling
– Project
Data Structures
– Arrays (One and Multi Dimensional)
– Pointers to Arrays
– Structures & Pointers to Structures
– Dynamic Allocation
– Linked List (Single, Doubly & Circular)
– Stack (Array & Linked List Implementation)
– Application of Stacks
– Queues (Array & Linked List Implementation)
– Application of Stacks
– Trees (Binary, Binary Search & AVL Trees)
– Application of Trees
– Graphs (Directed, Indirected)
– Searching & Sorting
– Project
– Visual C++ Basics
– An Introduction to Visual C++
– Building a Basic Application
– Understanding Visual C++ Resources
– Visual C++ and Database Management
– ADO Versus ODBC
– Database Building Overview
– Building a Database Application using ODBC
– Building a Database Application using OLE- DB or ADO
– Visual C++ and the Internet
– Designing a Web Page
– An Overview of JavaScript
– Creating an ActiveX Control
– Creating an ActiveX Document Application
– Using URLs and Monikers
– Working with Internet Information Server (IIS)
– The Developers view of Visual C++
– Designing with Security in Mind
– Building a Help File
– Packaging your Application
– Project
Visual Basic
– Getting Started with Visual Basic
– Working with Controls
– Menus, Mouse Events and Dialog Boxes
– Graphics, MDI and FlexGrid Control
– ODBC and Data Access Objects
– ODBC Using DAO and Remote Data Objects
– Data Environment and Data Report
– Object Linking and Embedding
– Objects and Classes
– All about ActiveX Controls
– ActiveX EXE and ActiveX DLL
– ActiveX Document Fundamentals
– Built-in ActiveX Controls
– Working with Add-Ins
– Introducing Web Browser and DHTML
– Working with ActiveX Data Objects
– Files and File System Controls
– Debugging and Windows API

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